With population growth and life expectancy levels far exceeding where they were only a few years ago, we have seen the market demand for ever more sustainable and innovative ways to feed and provide healthcare to the world population dramatically increase. As such our Bio & Life Sciences teams have seen some of the most accelerated growth over the recent years as the war for Global Talent has grown in this extremely competitive and fast paced sector.

Chaseman Group supports a wide range of clients from big Pharmaceutical & Medical Device firms through to start-up Biotech firms and Agricultural Life Science innovators. Our Ag teams in particular have seen unprecedented growth in their clients’ needs, as the traditional innovators and post-patent firms move to merge, grow and develop new products as well as push into the Digital farming arenas. Being an agile organisation is key to our success and as such we have extensively developed our Agri-business offering.

To stay ahead, organisations need the best human capital talent from the market and we are uniquely placed to access these individuals. We provide our clients with an unparalleled knowledge of the market and give them access to our exceptional network of “agri-talent”, who range from those that have “seen it and done it” to those with exceptional (and often unharnessed) talent/ambition.

Our Agri-business practice is split into the following segments:

  • Seeds & Traits
  • Crop Protection (Ag-chem)
  • Biologicals & Bio-solutions
  • Seed Treatments
  • Post-harvest
  • Agricultural Technology (hardware, machinery, robotics and GPS)
  • Emerging Technology & Digital Farming