Here at Chaseman Group, we pride ourselves on our open and honest approach to search, and so we have invested heavily in the transparency of our processes for both clients and candidates alike. With the advent of GDPR and the importance of accountability to all parties, we have taken the unprecedented step of opening up our CRM system.


Our client application allows Client users to work collaboratively with our consultants in real-time throughout the hiring process, by publishing selected information taken from Assignment records in our CRM to the client application.

Client users can view candidates, add their Likes, Feedback and Scoring as well as viewing Feedback from other Users, view Interviews, Offers, Placements and more, in an easy to use web application. Please click the Chaseman Client logo to access.


Our candidate application has been designed for our consultants to digitally engage with their candidates, delivering efficiencies and improvements throughout the hiring process. We want to empower our candidates, with increased visibility and knowledge of the people and processes that they are engaged in. A search consultant can grant candidates access to detailed information about assignments, including details on the company, upcoming interview, and consultant contact information.

The web based candidate application is mobile responsive, ensuring candidates always have the information they need whilst on the go, wherever they are. Please click the Chaseman Candidate logo to access.