At Chaseman Group, we are successful because our consultants immerse themselves in their chosen sectors, invest time in fully understanding their clients’ talent needs and maintain long term relationships with the best human capital in the market. We also pride ourselves on being a truly geographically and industrially agnostic search company, who simply believe the employees of a business will always be the most critical element to the success of that organisation. As such, we are dedicated to fully understanding our clients’ businesses and our candidates’ ambitions, with the ultimate goal of identify the best fit for all parties.

Our core offering encompasses:


Search; Exclusive or Retained basis

Chaseman Group operate our searches primarily on a retained basis, as we believe that this process gives a greater chance of success, because of the partnership that is formed through the mutual sharing of risk and the ability to thoroughly explore the marketplace using our highly effective ‘True Search’ methodologies. Should you not wish to pursue the retained route, we can support exclusively contingent roles as well as ‘watching brief’ contingent roles through our sister brand Poten Consulting.

The key to our extremely successful placement record is twofold; firstly we make sure we have a deep understanding of our clients’ short, medium and long term talent needs, but secondly we constantly stay abreast of the personal and professional aspirations of the best candidates in the market. In addition, unlike many of our competitors, we believe in having open and honest dialogue with all parties at all times, as we believe this is the only way to provide our clients and candidates with a truly consultative service.


Interim Management

As both a standalone service or a synergetic accompaniment to our Search process, Interim Management is a highly effective offering. Here at Chaseman Group, out interim professionals are utilised for a wide range of assignments, with the more common ones being change & transformation, business turnaround, specialist skill shortage, key permanent hire cover, additional skilled resource or management consulting. No matter the circumstance, you will be provided with an interim manager who is independent, professional and highly experienced in their chosen field. Chaseman Group provides interim managers who are results oriented and who will help create lasting changes, long after successful delivery of their assignment. In addition to this, our interim managers are usually payed on a daily rate and can often offer flexibility in terms of their availability, working hours and work location, allowing you to tailor the usage to suit your specific needs.


Salary Benchmarking

Chaseman Group understands that making the right initial offer to a highly sort after candidate can be the difference between successful hiring a key employee or that person taking a role with a competitor. Equally, ensuring that the remuneration packages of current employees are in line with current market offerings, can affect the retention rate of key staff.

We appreciate that our clients will rarely have access to market-wide information surrounding salaries and so by engaging Chaseman Group in a Salary Benchmarking exercise, we can provide our clients with an impartial and valued insight into the industry and competitor standards. This will ensure they maintain a competitive edge from an existing employee retention standpoint, as well as a talent acquisition perspective.


Market Mapping (Competitor Analysis)

Market Mapping is a key part of helping organisations start and/or continue their growth plans, by helping them to understand and interpret the spread of talent across their particular market. The market map will provide analysis and the employment status of key stakeholders who work within a client’s market (or just specifically their competitors if it’s Competitor Analysis). The map will give insight into the expectations of candidates for specific levels of seniority and/or particular skill sets, as well as illustrating the geographical spread of that talent. By helping our clients to evaluate the competitive talent landscape, we can help them be far more proactive with their talent strategy, as well as helping them identify which businesses they’re competing with for talent and what the best candidates in the market will be looking for.

This significance of Market Mapping means it forms a cornerstone of a number of processes Chaseman Group undertake, be that as part of our full Search process or a standalone service in its own right.


Psychometric Profiling

Here at Chaseman Group, we work exclusively with the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI). 89 of the Fortune 100 companies use the MBTI® assessment to maximise individual and team effectiveness from entry to executive levels, because the MBTI assessment is proven to provide effective results based on over 50 years of research. Chaseman Group is able to offer both our clients and candidates exclusive access to a qualified MBTI practitioner, who will provide a full and detailed understanding of the results, what they mean and how to use them moving forward.