Having worked with the Technology sector for many years, Chaseman Group knows that it is one of the most rapidly changing and complex sectors; to this end, our team are continuously developing their understanding of current market developments and cutting edge innovations. This allows us to help our clients adapt and develop for the future, by delivering global search solutions to them, whether it be build-outs, ‘team moves’ or individual mandates.

Our team, specialising in executive search within the Global Technology Markets, pride themselves on their comprehensive sector knowledge, which allows them to deliver on the most dynamic areas of the industry. The goal of the Technology & Innovation Team is to continue to grow and develop our already enviable mix of clients, which includes Software, Hardware and Telecoms providers. They strive to continue building on an already strong reputation and track record for delivering against senior search assignments in a wide range of mandates.

The experience of our Technology & Innovation team has led to success across the following sectors:

  • AI
  • Bio & Life Sciences
  • AgTech
  • Telecoms
  • Software
  • Digital media
  • Mobile
  • Professional services
  • Embedded technologies
  • Analytics / ‘‘Big Data’
  • IT Services
  • Consulting