Finding a Product Manager for an agricultural technology start up

Product Manager at Agersens


Agersens developed a new shepherding technology involving animal collars, incorporating GPS signalling into livestock farming. The technology enables them to create geo-fencing and virtual paddocks, allowing farmers to herd and rotate cattle across pasture land. They use a revolutionary livestock management system that uses noise and sensory systems to keep animals within another perimeter. 

Our Actions

When we started working with the Agersens team they had recently received external investment and were looking to grow the company into the commercialisation stage of the product within Australia and other regions. We worked with the CEO on a Product Manger role.

They had been working with other recruitment companies to find a product manager who hadn’t hit the mark after several interviews.  

We were brought on to create a detailed brief and run a targeted search around their requirements.  They had a very clear idea of their ideal candidate.  They needed a product manager who had experience in marketing and product launching, able to work in rural locations with regional experience of product management and possess the ability to transfer that knowledge globally. The individual would also need to be happy working in a fast-paced entrepreneurial environment, whilst demonstrating a history of corporate product management / marketing experience. Agersen's view of the ideal candidate was someone who had come from an agricultural crop inputs business, livestock management or animal health. 

We did a full market map, came out with a shortlist of between seven and eight candidates, many of whom came from traditional agriculture and crop protection, but we complimented these with some agricultural technology and animal health backgrounds too.

The candidate needed to live in Melbourne but we covered Melbourne and Victoria and also looked at talent in Sydney as we knew some candidates would relocate for the right role.

The candidate that the CEO was most interested in was actually based in Sydney.  He had previously been a Marketing Manager at Syngenta and was looking for a smaller, more entrepreneurial business for his next role.  We worked with the candidate and the client to come up with a deal that worked on all sides. The candidate was actually to be based from home in Sydney, travelling regularly to Melbourne as well as Queensland, South America and other locations for the product launch.

The Agersens team were delighted with their new product manager who started around two and a half months after our initial search began.  He had a quick impact driving the website, marketing and product launch strategy

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1st January

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