Our long term partnership with a leading agro-chemical firm

Long term trusted  partnership with one of the world's largest agro-chemical firms


UPL are a multi-national that manufactures and markets agro-chemicals, industrial-chemicals and other specialty chemicals. They also offer crop protection solutions.  They are based in Mumbai and have been operating since 1969.  They recently acquired Arista Life Sciences, which was a previous client of Chaseman, making them the fifth largest generical agro-chemicals company in the world. 

Long term partnership built on trust 

We are global partners of UPL, working with them for almost a decade across  many successful searches globally.  We’ve covered everything from their  leadership team to their labs and operating teams. Over the length of our partnership so far we have worked with them in a number of different ways, completing over thirty successful searches with them just in the last two years. 

UPL choose to work with our team because they like and trust in the quality of our network and the candidates we will put forward to them.  They also trust in the consistent quality of the service we provide for them.  The scale of our team has not stopped our boutique approach which keeps us flexible and  contactable at any point to address their new challenges or any changes to their requirements. This is the primary reason they quickly made us a preferred supplier. 

UPL understand that our capabilities within Bio & Life Sciences aren’t just one area, within this vertical we support our clients across a wide range of mandates and t hey have made use of the whole range of our network reach. We have placed role such as their European Leader,  North American HR Director and the entire Research & Development team for their new Research & Development lab named ‘Tetris’ in North Carolina.  

The relationship between us, as the supplier, and UPL, as our client is totally built on trust in the partnership.  We ensure the whole recruitment process is transparent for the UPL team.  At every stage they have access to all the names and contact details of candidates we are proposing throughout the process.  We like to be open across our process and believe that true partnership, transparency and accountability is paramount to successful relationships with all our clients.

UPL Case Study

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