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How Chaseman Global delivered results for AgWorld where other agencies had failed.

Established in 2008, AgWorld is an agriculture technology organisation based in Australia, that recently opened an office in the US. They offer farm management app-based solutions for growers across the globe. At the time we were working with them for this role, they were experiencing great levels of growth in the US and had a team of 50+ globally. 

AgWorld were looking for a Senior Sales Executive to pick up their US business as part of the expansion of the company. This individual would take over the complete sales activity in the US, replacing an overworked team member whose role was diversifying. 


AgWorld put their trust in Chaseman Global to help source a Senior Sales Executive.

AgWorld had used a number of other recruiters before working with us, all of whom were unsuccessful in meeting their needs. When we first approached AgWorld, they said they were ‘sick of recruiters’ and wouldn’t use any in the future. 

They felt they had wasted a lot of money with recruitment agencies that promised a lot but weren’t delivering.  After many conversations, they said they would try us out, but this really was their last try with recruitment companies.  

It was clear that we had our work cut out, our client had a tough brief and low expectations of our service. We really needed to blow them away, so Phil and the team took on the challenge.

We started by completing the assignment brief with the AgWorld acquisition team and drilled into what the ideal candidate looked like. This resulted in quite a difficult potential profile, someone who has experience both in agriculture and in software.  This combined experience is hard to find, as the two industries rarely come hand in hand, particularly in the US.

Chaseman Global’s Shortlist service helped AgWorld with two successful hires.

Our tried and trested search process discovered 123 potential individuals worth speaking to and networking with. We interviewed 40 potentials that fitted the profile, and identified seven for the shortlist, who would go through to interview process with the AgWorld team. 

The client interviewed all seven in a three-stage interview process. At one point they were trying to find roles for five of the seven within the business. Each one fitted the ideal profile and we’re delighted to report that the client even said ‘they were blown away by the quality of the shortlist’.

While AgWorld couldn’t find roles in the business for all five candidates, they did end up hiring two standout individuals. They had more direct experience and were both offered (and subsequently accepted) the roles of Senior Sales Executives covering different regions of the US.

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