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How Chaseman Global unearthed Connecterra's new Director of Engineering.

Connecterra is a fast-growing agricultural technology company specialising in artificial intelligence for farms and farming. The Amsterdam-based startup's first product uses Google AI to create digital sensors allowing farmers to monitor their livestock's movement and general health. Co-founder Saad Ansari refers to the device as 'a Fit-Bit like device for cows'. 

Saad and his co-founder Yasir Khokhar have plans for future devices and technologies related to building artificial intelligence. This AI will learn to grow food sustainably. Connecterra is listed as one of the Top 100 AgTech companies by CB insights. They were nominated for Startup of the Year in 2015 at Web Summit, Startup of the Year in 2016 by Dell and in 2017, they won the Global Game Changer Award at #DemoDay from Google.


Connecterra utilised Chaseman Global’s services for sustainable scalability.

Connecterra's CTO and co-founder was looking to hand over some responsibility as the company grew, and part of this included a new Director of Engineering. From a product perspective, this was previously all done by the CTO. He needed someone to come in and take on the team management and effectively free his time up to focus on business strategy and the wider product development side of things.

We had previously successfully placed talent for Connecterra, and so they came to us looking for help to find this new hire. While the ideal person didn't need a background in agriculture, they did need to come from a large technology company. Connecterra were soon entering a round of fundraising, and these brands would add credibility to the team when speaking to investors. 

The Chaseman team quickly mapped the market to create a target list for their ideal applicant. Connecterra wanted someone from a large, corporate tech company, so we began targeting those businesses in the Netherlands. Outside of this, we looked at rising stars within startups too. We drilled this down into a strong shortlist featuring potentials from companies like Tom-Tom, Google and

An absolute stand out talent was from It also happened they had done a Masters at Stanford University in the US at the same time as the CTO making them an excellent cultural fit straight away. They had a similar experience with and managed a similar sized team. The potential hire wanted to move to a fast-growing company, one with the scope to leave a longer-lasting, positive impact.

Chaseman Global's partnership with Connecterra cultivated positive results.

Connecterra has since reported their new Director of Engineering had a positive impact straight away. Connecterra's CTO emailed Steve Collins, Lead Consultant for this role, to ask for advice for his wife's job search. If this isn’t proof they were happy with the level of service and expertise provided by the Chaseman team, then we're not sure what is. 

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