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Hazel Tech

How Chaseman Global’s Placement service harvested growth for Hazel Tech.

Founded in 2015, Hazel Tech is one of the fastest-growing international innovators in Agriculture and Sustainability. Hazel Tech needed a partner to connect bright minds with opportunities to expand across an already established global presence. Chaseman Global welcomed the acquisition challenges of Hazel Tech and quickly delivered the people to support their growth. 

Hazel Tech

Eager to scale up globally, Hazel Tech turned to Chaseman Global to support the acquisition of future hires.

USDA-funded sustainable agriculture technology company, Hazel Tech, help make food more accessible and affordable through the global food supply chain. Hazel Tech discovers, innovates, and delivers sustainable products and processes to increase customer sales and reduce food waste.

Hazel Tech was seeking to make multiple diverse hires across the regions they operate in. Without the internal recruiting support to meet their headcount needs, Hazel Tech turned to Chaseman Global to solve their recruitment challenges. 

Our tailored approach provided transparent talent insights through our Market Mapping, Shortlisting and Placement service. We mapped the market segments, researched social profiles, spoke with our global network and conducted competitor analysis. We interviewed the talent pool in the shortlist to ensure the potentials fitted into Hazel Tech's culture. 

Our working method allowed Hazel Tech to interact with the real-time data we gathered through our client portal. Hazel Tech would use this data to justify their future hires best suited to their business. 

Chaseman Global worked closely with Hazel Tech's internal stakeholders to create a smooth end to end placement process.

We combined our collaborative and consultative approach with our knowledge of Agriculture to meet Hazel Tech’s acquisition objectives. 

  1. Within 21 working days, Hazel Tech successfully hired over 15 passionate people across the America's, EMEA, and the Asia Pacific regions. We sourced the talent they needed and eased the pressure on their internal acquisition team.

  2. Hazel Tech was impressed with the visibility and transparency we gave them throughout the search. They recognised the level of genuine knowledge we had within Agriculture. 

  3. We are incredibly proud of the long term partnership we have built with Hazel Tech. They hired the best people to meet their global recruitment needs. In the future, we hope to cultivate future talent with Hazel Tech's growing business. 

The Chaseman team has been an excellent partner for Hazel. We see them as an extension of our team. They know our company, culture, and values, which translate to finding the right fits for our talent needs.

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