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Nufarm & Corteva

How Chaseman Global’s grew a long-term relationship with Nufarm & Corteva.

Nufarm is a well-established, successful Australian Agricultural Chemical company with over 2000 products sold across more than 100 countries. 

Corteva is a major American agricultural chemical and seed company. They were part of DowDuPont until being separated as an independent company. 

Both organisations are long term clients of Chaseman Global and have enjoyed the benefits our exceptional talent network gives them.

Nufarm & Corteva

Chaseman Global’s services transformed both Nufarm & Corteva.

The passionate people we work with are generally not actively looking for a new role but are open to new opportunities if the right opportunity is available. 

Occasionally we discover individuals who are open to new roles but not suitable for positions we have available at the time. In these cases, we aim to match talent with clients we think would be a good fit, introducing them without knowing whether the client has an opportunity. 

This has worked well for both Nufarm and Corteva in the past. It is the perfect example of how we help better develop our client's businesses by introducing the best talent in the industry.

Chaseman Global harvested a trusted partnership with Nufarm & Corteva.

We consider all our relationships with our clients a trusted partnership rather than a one-off project. Our team takes the time to fully understand your business, your needs, your culture, and the types of hires you prefer. 

When we come across the best person, you won't need to have us on a retained agreement to send you the details of talent we think could do great things for your organisation.

  1. The partnership we have built with Nufarm over the years means we know their ideal person exceptionally well. So often, when we send across strong potentials, we're not working with them on a retained basis. However, the calibre of talent means they'll find a new role at the company for them.

  2. We placed a Zonal Program Leader in Singapore for Corteva. We knew the talent and had introduced them to many of our key clients but always thought Corteva would be the perfect fit - despite there not being a role we knew would work.

  3. After speaking to our HR contact in Europe, we were quickly introduced to the Corteva HR contact in Singapore working on the Program Leader role. The potential made a great impression, and they were quickly offered the position.

  4. Within six months, the individual was promoted to Global Zonal Program Leader, and the Corteva team is still delighted by their hire.

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