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How Chaseman Global unearthed a trusted long-term partnership with UPL.

UPL is a multi-national company manufacturing agrochemicals, industrial chemicals and other speciality chemicals and crop protection solutions. Based in Mumbai, the company has been operating since 1969.  Having acquired Arysta Life Sciences, a previous client of Chaseman, they're the fifth largest generic agrochemicals company globally.


Why UPL chose to harvest a relationship with Chaseman Global.

As a global partner to UPL, we've worked alongside them for almost a decade across numerous successful searches. Working across assignments for their leadership team through finding the right people for their labs and operating teams, we've had a hand in helping grow the business across multiple divisions. We have completed more than thirty successful searches with them in the last two years alone.

Chaseman Global has worked on many assignments with UPL. Our relationship extends beyond the initial fulfilment need. We've built a solid reputation for finding highly talented individuals for UPL. 

This, coupled with the quality of our network and the timeframes in which we can put potentials forward to them, has helped establish a trusted working partnership between us. This trust also extends across the consistent quality of service we provide.

Though often working on multiple global assignments, our boutique setup means we remain flexible and contactable throughout every assignment. Being able to address or adapt to new challenges or changes to UPL's requirements is a primary reason they quickly made us a preferred supplier. 

UPL understands our capabilities within Bio & Life Sciences aren't just in one area. Within this vertical, we support our clients across a wide range of mandates, and they have made use of the whole range of our network reach. 

For example, we have placed roles ranging from Leadership, through R&D, through Sales & marketing, through Operations, such as their European Leader,  North American HR Director, Regulatory Affairs Leads and the Research & Development Leadership team for their new Research & Development ‘Open Ag’ lab in North Carolina.

Chaseman Global's transparent end-to-end searches cultivate successful partnerships with all our clients.

The relationship between Chaseman Global and UPL is built on trust. We ensure the whole recruitment process is transparent. The client has access to all the names and contact details of the passionate people we are proposing at every stage throughout the process.  


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