10 startups making waves in the world of clean technology

Adam Small

By Adam Small


The pandemic has been coined a ‘catalyst for green growth’.  In the UK, Prime Minister Boris Johnson has vowed in the wake of COVID to make Britain a world leader for low-cost clean power stating he wants to build the economy back but this time on greener foundations. 

In light of this we thought we would share a selection of the best Clean Technology Startups that are making an impression across the market right now. 

Created by Hayden and Amit in 2014, Bulb is built on the proviso that the energy industry needed a change and they were there to provide it.  Bulb provides it’s customers with 100% renewable electricity and 100% carbon neutral gas energy as standard. The average Bulb customer lowers their carbon impact by 3.4 tonnes of CO2 a year. 

These technology experts are committed to building a green lithium ion battery to enable our transition to a clean, carbon neutral energy future.  This will be the world’s greenest battery.  

Sono Motors 
Creators of The Sion, a self-charging electric car with integrated solar cells that charge the battery throughout the day.  The car becomes it’s own mobile charging station.  Sono Motors are driven by the mission to make all cars electric, shared and suitable for daily use. 

Energy Vault 
The creators of long-duration, gravity and kinetic energy-based energy solutions.  Inspired by hydro-plants which use gravity and the movement of water to generate power, the Energy Vault solution utilises the same fundamentals of physics and kinetic energy bug replaces the water with custom made composite blocks.  They can deliver the benefits of a pumped hydro system, at a much lower price, starting size and without the required topography. 

One of the world’s leading battery technology start ups.  Instagrid is able to revolutionise urban infrastructure and construction sites, replacing conventional (often dirty) fuel driven generators with lightweight portable battery solutions.  It’s easy to imagine the benefits of a universal battery that is silent, compact, lightweight, robust and weatherproof but still has enough power to support a full day’s work on site.  

Vantage Power 
Alexander Schey and Toby Schulz founded Vantage Power in 2011, not long after they had built  the world’s longest range electric car and driven it along the longest road in the world – the 26000km Pan-American Highway.  The company aims to design and commercialise innovative technologies that reduce harmful emissions from heavy duty vehicles. 

An award-winning data centre temperature management system, targeted to become a new world standard for a $17 billion industry segment which is growing 28% per annum.  Their technology enables data centre operators to manage risk and reduce energy costs, resulting in reduced carbon emissions.  

They are a clean technology company based in Australia that recovers polyester and cellulose from textiles and clothing.   Their mission is to divert textiles and clothing away from landfill and accelerate the global textile recycling industry towards a sustainable future.  They turn textile waste into a useful resource simultaneously stimulating the production of new products and meeting the consumer demand to reduce the environmental impact of everyday clothing. 

Okra Solar 
Across the glove there are 900 million people who live without power.  Okra Solar is an Australian start up that provides accessible, available and affordable energy to those living in off-grid areas around the world via smart, modular, mesh grid, plug-and-play technology.   They work with local utilities to transform off-grid communities into energy abundant micro economies. 

SeaSwarm Robots 
This technology was created in response to the Deepwater Disaster in 2010 however we think it’s worth bringing to your attention.  Seaswarm is an autonomous robot that works as a fleet of vehicles to skim the ocean and remove oil.  They use a photovoltaic powered conveyor belt to propel themselves and collect oil.  Each robot can collect up to 20 times it’s weight in oil.  Their size enables them to navigate hard to reach places like estuaries and coast lines.  With the recent oil spill in Mauritius it’s likely that more clean-up technologies will be created to try and minimise the damage we’re doing to our planet. 

With all this unique and exciting technology emerging on an almost daily basis it’s hard to see a future that isn’t greener.  From our perspective as executive search specialists, a lot of the top technology talent’s attention has shifted to ‘greener pastures’ so to speak, this is often where they see the largest growth potential and therefore high on their agenda when they’re considering a move.

If you would like to join a clean technology start up and contribute to this green-revolution get in touch and we can connect you with opportunities that will suit your experience and ambitions. 

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