Chaseman Global partners with Connecterra

Rob Bentham

By Rob Bentham


Chaseman Global are proud to announce their partnership with Connecterra, one of the fastest-growing agricultural technology companies.


As leaders in scaling talent sustainability across Agriculture and Climate, Chaseman Global has secured a two-year partnership with Connecterra. Chaseman Global will be their sole external talent sourcing provider as they go through a time of significant organisational change and growth. 


Chaseman Global have been working with Connecterra since 2019 placing a number of key roles to help transform their business, including a new CFO, Director of Product Management and Director of Engineering. As a result of this previous success, Connecterra felt Chaseman Global was the right business to help them secure the best people in the market for their expanding team.   


"Chaseman has been a strong partner in our search for senior talent. They understand agriculture and our needs as a fast-growing company, which means they can identify the right candidates quickly," said Connecterra's People department lead, Whitney Watson. "We are looking forward to working together over the coming years."


Chaseman Global's CEO, Richard Connolly is thrilled to see this collaboration come to fruition and considers the significant expansion of Connecterra as hugely exciting. He commented, “We’ve been working with Connecterra for over three years now, and it’s great to formalise a partnership that will see us be their go-to search partner for the next few years as they enter a hugely exciting time of significant expansion.” 


About Chaseman Global

Chaseman Global are particularly passionate about working with people who are actively tackling sustainability issues in Agriculture and Climate. Connecterra share many of the same values, aligning on several goals such as tackling the 2050 food crisis. As a result, they are extremely excited about this partnership and how both companies can make a positive impact, together.

"In Connecterra, we found a like-minded partner who is empowering farmers of all sizes to increase the productivity of their farms while reducing the impact of farming on the planet."

- Richard Connolly, CEO, Chaseman Global 


About Connecterra

Connecterra is on a mission to empower farmers to increase their productivity while reducing the impact of farming on the planet. The solution is Ida, the intelligent dairy assistant. Ida’s platform uses artificial intelligence to enable farmers, their advisors and other stakeholders to make better decisions that lead to a more efficient, productive and ultimately, sustainable dairy industry. The Amsterdam-based company has teams in New Zealand and the United States, a product presence in 18 countries and partnerships with industry leaders around the globe.


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