Vertical Farming… the only way is up?

Hosted by

Clare Nasir

Podcast manager

Guest Speakers

Craig Ratajczyk


We talk to CEO Craig Ratajczyk of CROP ONE, USA, a vertical farming company who are embracing cutting edge technology. 

Craig’s straight-talking analysis of this emerging industry is infectious as he takes us on a whistlestop tour of where he thinks vertical farming is heading. 

What's Discussed

  • The roots of Vertical Farming
  • Market share of VF
  • Craig’s transition from national security to food security. 
  • How VF space fits into future food production 
  • The benefits of VF, the Nine R’s
  • VF scaling up, and the technology that allows this
  • LED lighting and optimum production
  • The importance of R and D
  • The price of strawberries – and shelf life
  • The economics of VF 
  • The new world of cultivars
  • VF – a local solution
  • VF – carbon neutral with renewables
  • How has the landscape changed in the last 18 months
  • The Vertical Farming business model
  • VF and the economic viability in the Middle East
  • Vertical Farming and power supply
  • The type of leadership that drives this rising industry
  • The time is right for VF?