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Agriculture Technology.

We’re scaling the AgTech revolution.

As the 2050 food crisis draws closer, new ingenious processes and systems are evolving in this Agricultural space. Technology in Agriculture is making farming and food production more seamless and sustainable. The power of digital and smart farming is becoming more prevalent.

We are at the forefront of this digital revolution within Agriculture, with over ten years of experience in the sector. We know how to grow your Agribusiness and help it transform into the future. Our tailored searches help source the best talent who can change the world and help you achieve your future goals. 

At Chaseman Global, we set ourselves apart from your typical search firm by taking a consultative approach to how we work. Our client portal lets you interact with the real-time data we attain throughout the bespoke search process. We make it our mission to identify the right people who can positively impact the future of our planet.


Discover our areas of expertise below. 

Areas of Expertise.

We know the international Agriculture and Climate landscape of companies and fast-growth startups. We work with, invest in, and support Agriculture Technology in all its forms.

At Chaseman Global, we have the expertise to find talent in the niche areas of the sector. 


A shift to digital is helping ease intense labour and make farming more sustainable by reducing the ecological footprint. From harvest automation, automatic irrigation to automated tractors.


The variety of technology continues to crop up in this area, and so does the talent.



This area's growth is on the rise. From drones, variable rate application technology, satellite imagery, crop picking robots, weather forecast monitors, and other artificial intelligence.

We have the expertise to harvest the talent within this field.

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Controlled Environment Agriculture

Indoor and vertical farming is helping to optimise crop health and Agriculture products in a more profitable, productive and sustainable way.


We know the benefits of this area and the talent contributing to the rise of this agricultural space.

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Data/Farm Management Software

Long-term planning, tracking, and managing crops and livestock is becoming more efficient through the innovative software developing in this space. We stay up to date with the passionate people who, alongside the sector, are gravitating towards this digital infrastructure.



Sustainable work in biotechnology involves analysing soil health to ensure long-term consistency, productivity and quality of Crop Inputs.

Developing biological technologies continue to grow within this space, and we know where the talent fits into this


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