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Green Orchard

Everything we do is rooted in Life Sciences.

About Us

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We focus on scaling our client's businesses through the power of cultivating innovative talent attraction.

Chaseman Global is at the forefront of talent attraction within our specialisms. We operate without global boundaries, cultivating the lives of forward-thinking individuals and ever-growing industry innovators in the fields of Agriculture, Clean and Climate Tech. 

Since our formation in 2012, we have continuously strived to develop our consultative approach to search, motivated by action and focused on shaping a sustainable 'farm to table' food ecosystem for our planet. Our high success rate has yielded a respectful reputation with our clients and the individuals we partner with. Through innovation and inspiration, we have established ourselves as global leaders in talent development within the Life Sciences Vertical.

Chaseman Global harvests valuable partnerships

Through dedication and hard work, we attracted key clients who are still with us today. We expanded into a small dedicated office space in Knutsford, Cheshire, UK.

Chaseman Global was founded

From humble beginnings in a spare room in Richard Connolly's house in Mobberley, Cheshire, UK, Chaseman Global was born.

Our History.
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Our Mission

Sowing the seeds for a sustainable future.

By 2050, the world will be inhabited by over 9 billion people. In less than 40 years, the demand for food will be 60-100% higher than today, potentially resulting in catastrophic shortages without action. Our corporate purpose is to connect the brightest minds with the very best opportunities within client companies capable of creating smart solutions for our planet and its population.

We partner with clients and talent who share our mission in developing sustainable solutions through innovation.


Our ability to have a positive impact on the future of our planet is something we pride ourselves on. With the global presence we have harvested, we are here to add deep-rooted value to our clients, people and planet.

Our Partners

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Our Global Presence



We cultivate growth in EMEA with Agriculture and Climate businesses across 21 European countries. Our work within this region has seen a 400% growth over the last three years.



Since 2017 Chaseman Global has become an increasing presence in the Americas.

Our work in this region has supported many Agriculture and Climate businesses.



Our APAC office in Brisbane, Australia has allowed us to transform Agriculture and Climate organisations across Hong Kong, Singapore, Vietnam, India, Australia & New Zealand.



Our latest office opened in Florianópolis, Brasil. This has allowed us to be at the heart of the LATAM Life Sciences industry, enabling us to drive innovation in the region.

Chaseman Global’s DE&I Initiative.

Our work in the Agriculture and Climate industry hinges on our commitment to fight hiring bias. Not only has it been proven that diverse teams increase companies' creativity, innovation, and profitability, but we believe it's the right thing to do.

Despite the industry being slightly behind in DE&I, there has been a considerable shift in momentum. We have seen older corporations and newer tech start-ups adapting DE&I  practises, inspired by other industries. 

At Chaseman Global, we cast a broader net in our consultancy work. First, we ensure all potentials capable of adding value to the position are included. From here, we use our consistent interviewing techniques to uncover the talent of individuals. 

Chaseman Global focuses on including diverse talent in everything we do.

Get In Touch

Unearth your potential

Contact us today to discover more about Chaseman Global and how we can connect bright minds to help grow your business and provide sustainable solutions for the future of our planet.

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