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Food Technology.

Sourcing Food Technology talent for your business.

By 2050 the global population will reach over 9 billion. In less than 40 years, the demand for food will be 60-100% greater than today. Emerging food technologies are developing newly sustainable, traceable and scalable innovative food solutions to help fight this impending shortage. Increased investment into sustainable innovation will support the way we feed the planet going forward.

We take a bespoke, consultative and collaborative approach to each talent search. Via our client portal, you receive full transparency throughout the process and interact with the live data we acquire. We directly engage with the brightest minds to gain deeper-rooted insights into the market. Our DNA is composed of finding the talent who can make a difference to our planet. 

At Chaseman Global, we are experts in Food Technology. We know the talent in the niche sector can be hard to find. We can source anyone who can positively change your business and the market. Operating in 49 countries worldwide, we pride ourselves on cultivating long-term partnerships. 

Discover our areas of expertise below.

Areas of Expertise.

We know the international Agriculture and Climate companies and fast growth startups we work with invest in Digital Agriculture. At Chaseman Global, we have the expertise of finding talent in the niche areas of the sector. 

Alternative Proteins

Alternatives to existing products are growing as food science and technology experts gain more investment to create sustainable food sources.

Food technologists predict cultured meats will be readily available to the global mass market by 2030, subject to regulatory approval. Alternative Proteins in meat, eggs, dairy, and plant-based food are shaping how we feed the future population. 


Food Processing & Manufacturing

Food Processing and manufacturing innovation are essential to unlocking sustainable balance in the way we feed growing populations.


Our knowledge of sourcing talent in the B2B businesses from paddock to plate is unmatched as a global consultancy.


Food Ingredients

Sustainable product development is crucial when fighting the 2050 food crisis. Traceable digital solutions fall into this importance and are becoming more prominent within this space.


Quality control, quality assurance, and giving the consumer complete transparency on their buying products is imperative.


Expert Insights

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