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Crop Inputs.

We find the talent innovating Crop Input solutions.

Crop retailers and producers continue to improve the efficiency of Crop Inputs. Advanced technology innovates new environmentally beneficial placement practices of nutrients, focusing on protecting the land and being economically profitable. The growth, quality, and high yield of raising crops is helping to fight the 2050 food crisis.

We’re a global search consultancy sourcing the people who can transform your business and make a difference to our planet. We tailor a bespoke search for each project we work with and provide you with complete transparency through our client portal. We’re always looking at new avenues to attract talent to meet your business needs.

Chaseman Global help source bright minds who can contribute to better crop yields today and sustainable solutions for tomorrow. Our roots are in Agriculture, meaning we have specialist knowledge of the sector you won’t find anywhere else.


Discover our areas of expertise below.

Areas of Expertise.

Our DNA is composed of building long-lasting relationships with Agriculture and Climate clients across the globe. We source talent who can positively impact your business and the future of our planet. We break our Crop Inputs work into these areas of expertise. 



Innovative biological products utilise biostimulants to enhance growth in crops in a sustainable and environmentally friendly way.


At Chaseman Global, we understand this niche area and source the best talent in this expanding market.

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Crop Nutrition

Find the bright minds to help your business blossom.


With fertilisers and essential nutrients less readily available, talent in Crop Nutrition discovers the minerals for healthy plant growth.

Crop Protection

Crop Protection products help produce high quality and a high yield of crops - essential for combatting the 2050 food shortage.


Our expertise in this area helps unearth the best talent in Crop Protection.



At Chaseman Global, we attract people who can advise on local growing conditions, seed variety and planned end use of crops.


This talent helps to sow the seeds for sustainable Crop Input innovation.



We support Agriculture and Climate businesses, providing a range of services to crop producers.


These services help innovators make the best use of Crop Inputs from agronomy, professional application, and precisions agriculture. 


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