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Animal Agriculture.

We source passionate talent in Animal Agriculture.

Investment in Animal Agriculture is growing as more sustainable, traceable and ethical practices are introduced to the animal farming food chain. Direct and biotech specialists are innovating the sector, helping to boost productivity and return better yields. In turn, this is positively contributing to the 2050 food shortage and environmental impact of our planet.

At Chaseman Global, we provide a bespoke search for every project we engage with to ensure we meet your recruitment needs. Our client portal allows you to interact with the live data we gather throughout the search. This transparent, consultative and collaborative approach has garnered a stellar reputation with the clients we work with across the globe.

We pride ourselves on building long-term partnerships with some of the fastest-growing Agriculture and Climate companies in the world. We look to harvest the talent who can change the future of our planet and transform your business. Discover our areas of expertise below.

Areas of Expertise.

Sourcing people who can contribute to Animal Agriculture's sustainable and traceable solutions are rooted in our DNA. Our areas of expertise within this sector apply to Aquaculture, Dairy, Livestock and Poultry.

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Animal Health

This space focuses on monitoring, predicting, testing and curing a variety of animal health issues.


We know where to source talent within this niche area of Animal Agriculture.

Animal Nutrition

Passionate people in this area create feed and feed additives to improve animal nutrition, health, and performance.


Our expertise in this space will help shepherd the right talent to your business.



Innovative technologies continue to be developed out of this area, improving productivity, consistency and quality of Animal Agriculture.

We know the talent within this space. Their work in utilising biological processes, organisms and cellular components provides sustainable solutions for the future of our planet. 

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The innovative machinery developed in this area is vast, from simple hand-held devices to highly complex mechanised vehicles.


We have the tools to search for the top talent who can transform your business in this space. 

Technology Providers

We work with companies in this area that gather, process and analyse temporal, spatial and individual data.


This supports management decisions and increases efficiency, productivity, quality, profitability and sustainability of production.


Waste Management

Companies in this area utilise farm waste items to create new and valuable products while also reducing carbon footprints.


Our expert knowledge of this space finds the passionate people best suited to your search requirements. 


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