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Sustainable Energy

Clean Technology.

We contribute to the
Clean Technology revolution

We all must play our part in combating the global climate crisis and help enable a more sustainable future. 

At Chaseman Global, we are at the forefront of global environmental sustainability and renewable energies. We partner with some of the most innovative organisations within the sector. CleanTech companies are contributing to the clean energy transition. This involves helping to reduce greenhouse gases and striving to save the environments and ecosystems of our planet. 

Our specialist knowledge of Clean Technology combined with our consultative approach and interactive client portal provides an unrivalled service.  

We connect passionate individuals who can help power our lives, clean the environment and create a sustainable world for future generations. We believe this is more than just recruitment.

Discover our areas of expertise below.

Areas of Expertise.

At Chaseman Global, we help transform Clean Energy, Bio-Fuels, E-Mobility and Sustainability businesses. We do this by securing talent who can help build a more sustainable future. 

Carbon Sequestration

Slowing global warming through reducing greenhouse gas emissions, carbon capture, storage is developing quickly. We partner with clients across Agriculture, industry, construction and mobility. Here innovators are developing solutions to reduce net emissions and remove CO2 from our atmosphere.


Soil Health

We support Agriculture and Climate businesses committed to preserving the health and improving the performance of soil used in Agriculture. Be it improving water usage and effluent treatment, enhanced irrigation systems or sustaining microbial life in the soil. We support clients in this sector who all have a common goal; to combat the impending food crisis.



We work with organisations that are pushing the technological boundaries of clean hydrogen as it establishes its place as part of the replacement of fossil fuels, particularly across heavy industry.

The time is ripe to ensure strong leadership delivers future demand in this sector. 


Clean Ammonia

Producing Clean Ammonia is a more environmentally friendly way to make fertiliser and is a promising fuel for the maritime sector.


We work with producers to secure the talent needed to design and execute ammonia production system projects.


Wind & Solar Energy

The Wind and Solar Energy markets are two of the most developed renewable energy sectors.


We support organisations developing new technologies, ensuring the sectors can continue to grow and reduce reliance on fossil fuels.


Energy Storage

New developing Energy Storage technologies, including existing infrastructure and alternative technologies used in batteries, is replacing traditional Energy Storage systems worldwide.

Chaseman Global is proud to support start-ups and scale-ups bringing these new technologies to market.



Biofuels are a cost-effective and environmentally friendly renewable energy source. By 2050, Biofuels may reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 1.7 billion tons per year. This will be a reduction of more than 80% of today's transportation emissions. Chaseman Global supports organisations advocating and pushing for change in this space. 



Electric cars and alternative fuelled transportation are making a significant surge in popularity and availability. However, there is still much to be done to ensure the complete transition to E-Mobility. Chaseman Global supports organisations developing electric powertrain design, electric-vehicle charging infrastructure and hydrogen fueling stations.


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