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Crop One Holdings

How Chaseman Global's Placement service transformed Crop One Holdings.

Crop One Holdings is a fast-growing technology-driven vertical farming company. Their mission is to cultivate a sustainable future to meet the demand for fresh, local, healthy and safe global food production. Day in and day out, their data-driven team of scientists and technological innovators uphold this mission.

Following a significant restructure, including hiring new CEO Craig Rataczyk, Crop One Holdings needed to fill several positions in their senior leadership team. Chaseman Global partnered with Crop One Holdings and was at hand to provide talent insights to meet their specific acquisition needs, resulting in three successful hires. 

Crop One Holdings

Crop One Holdings sought the help of Chaseman Global to source difficult to find talent.

With their Plants First™ approach, Crop One Holdings has built a scalable global model to bring consistent, safe, high-quality, year-round produce to previously ungrowable environments.

Owning and operating two subsidiaries, Crop One Holdings has a joint venture with Emirates Flight Catering in Dubai, UAE and FreshBox Farms in Millis, MA.

Initially, Crop One Holdings searched for the executive roles themselves. However, they had difficulty sourcing the hard to find talent within the space. At Chaseman Global, we approached the client with our Market Mapping, Shortlisting and Placement services to combat the challenges of Crop One Holdings.

As Crop One Holdings were aiming to build on their new company ethos, we knew part of the challenge was sourcing hires to meet the essential and desirable criteria of the client.

At Chaseman Global, we utilised our transparent, consultative and collaborative approach to gain a great sense of the nuances of Crop One Holdings. As a result, we quickly understood their culture and built rapport with their hiring team. 

Our end to end Placement service allowed Crop One Holdings to interact with the real-time data via our client portal. We utilised our knowledge of Agriculture, global connections, social profiles, competitor analysis, market research and spoke directly to the passionate potentials. 

We qualified the best talent who could make a positive difference to the client and the planet through our shortlisting process. 

Our close relationship with Crop One Holdings enabled us to seamlessly map the talent pool. We delivered a shortlist of bright minds to meet the essential criteria of Crop One Holdings.  

Chaseman Global's partnership with Crop One Holdings sowed the seeds for a successful leadership team. 

Our work with Crop One Holdings yielded positive results, which helped shape their senior organisational structure.

  1. Crop One Holdings was successfully able to make three senior hires to pave the future growth of their team. These roles included a CFO, VP of Technology Innovation and VP of Engineering. 

  2. At Chaseman Global, we will continue to build on our partnership with Crop One Holdings. We hope to contribute to their journey in finding passionate people dedicated to sourcing sustainable solutions for our planet.

Working with Chaseman Global has been a pleasure. Every person on the team that we have worked with is extremely knowledgeable about our industry and the challenges we face in finding what we are looking for.

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