How Chaseman Global’s shortlist service yielded regulatory talent for FMC.

FMC Chemistries are an American Chemical company and an agrochemical giant helping to grow the world's food, improve health, enhance foods and beverages, contribute to sustainable energy, and create many other essential products. They have over 4000 employees across the globe and are regularly the winner of the ACC's Responsible Care Company of the Year award for their commitment to safety and sustainability. 

We had worked with FMC historically, but we were looking for a Global Regulatory Manager for their Denmark office on this occasion. 


Needing the hard to find people to get their products to market, FMC turned to Chaseman Global’s shortlist service.

The Global Regulatory Manager for FMCs Denmark office was crucial to free up the time of their Senior Global Regulatory Manager role, enabling their products to get to market as quickly as possible, hitting targets more effectively.

Regulatory Managers are a common request for us within the industry. It's a niche role requiring concrete experience companies can find through organic applications. Over the years, we have built up a strong network of relationships with Regulatory Managers, which we can draw upon when running searches like this.

As the role was in Denmark, FMC was also looking for a passionate person who would be happy to relocate to Copenhagen, which made this role particularly challenging.

Once we had identified the ideal person FMC were looking for, we started reaching out to our networks to match up great potentials and pull together a shortlist for us to interview ahead of a final shortlist to send to FMC. 

As part of our process, we ensured full transparency throughout the search. The FMC team could see who we were speaking to via our client portal throughout the process. This meant the FMC team could easily flag the individuals they felt were strong and highlight the ones they liked.

Chaseman Global delivered a shortlist resulting in three successful hires for FMC.

We worked closely with passionate people throughout the process, ending with three hires who happily accepted the role and relocated to Copenhagen.

  1. FMC interviewed four potentials from the shortlist.

  2. While they were initially only looking for one person, the FMC team were so impressed by the quality of the talent we sent to them that they ended up sourcing three roles within the business to offer them.

  3. One year later, all three hires had excelled in their roles, and each individual has achieved a promotion, which we like to see as a testament to the success of these placements.

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