How We Work

Our tools yield organic results in Agriculture and Climate.

Building Partnerships.

Chaseman Global has helped build long term partnerships with some of the world’s fastest-growing Agriculture and Climate organisations. Our interactive client portal shares the transparent outputs and outcomes we gather through each stage of our bespoke search process. This consultative and collaborative tool enables you to make more informed business decisions on your talent acquisition strategies.

You know your business, and with our technology, you can guarantee we are mapping the whole global market. Our effective talent mapping and shortlisting process will meet the essential criteria of your hiring needs. At Chaseman Global, our client portal leaves no stone unturned. 

Our unique tool provides a detailed overview of the best crop of talent in the market. These passionate people can help scale your business and positively impact the future of our planet. Explore the features of our client portal below.

Full Transparency

  • Accessible at any time
  • Provides a complete overview of our search
  • Interact and leave feedback on the live data
  • See the companies and people we have targeted 

Talent Dashboard

Watch your long list build.

  • Our long list yields the top potentials 
  • Talent mapping bespoke to your desired criteria
  • Live data updated throughout our search
  • Discover detailed talent profiles

Our Promise.

We have strived to create smart solutions during our decade-long journey, developing our offering as a consultancy specialising within the 'farm to table' arena. We know our client portal offers an innovative solution as opposed to a traditional recruitment search process. Our tool offers direct access to our CRM and project development 24/7, 365 days a year. 

At Chaseman Global, we will not only solve your next hiring challenge; we will make it our mission to source the right people who can transform your business and change the world. Our promise has shaped our reputation as global leaders within the Agriculture and Climate space. Discover the benefits of how we work below.

Delivery Success
Retention Rate
Diverse Hires
Six-Month Access To Your Shortlist

Clients can access the talent pool from their shortlist via our client portal for six months. This allows them to sow the seeds of their future business strategy

Make Multiple Hires

With Access to a mandate shortlist for 6 months and as Clients business needs change, Clients can easily refer back to identify talent and accelerate additional hires. 

Complete Transparency

Our DNA is composed of providing a completely transparent service, an organic approach to recruitment you won't find anywhere else.

I have had the privilege and pleasure of working with Steve and his team on several executive searches for our Crop One team these last several months. The requirements for those roles were unique and needed expediency. Steve provided phenomenal leadership and expertise in ensuring that we met with the most capable candidates and that we were all enthused about the opportunities of working together. Steve and Chaseman Global have my highest recommendation for executive recruitment. 

Craig Ratajczyk

CEO | Crop One Holdings

I liked the detailed process Chaseman went through before hunting anyone, drilling down to the type of candidate we needed. I would have hired the full shortlist if we had budget. We are not disappointed with any of the process or finds and when we move for more staff again, we will use Chaseman.

Hiring Manager | AgWorld

I would recommend Chaseman Global to anyone looking for a highly professional and responsive recruiting firm. I believe Chaseman Global will play a critical role in the upcoming growth and success of our business and I consider the individuals on our Chaseman team to be our partners more than service providers. 

Kim Li Spencer

M.D | ISCA, Inc.

As President of Helm Agro US, I used Chaseman Global for a number of key requirements and they always delivered a good number of qualified candidates. Their service is great and we were always happy with the outcome. 

Jan Stechmann

President | Helm Argo US

Chaseman have always provided us with a thorough and professional service. The extensiveness of what is reported back to us as a recap of our open roles provides a succinct detailed review of how our recruitment pipeline sits, allowing us to always have a clear understanding of how our open roles are progressing. 

The Chaseman team are easy to deal with and have been helpful at filling our more niche and difficult senior roles. 



Talent Market Insights.

We offer insights into salary benchmarking, competitor analysis, brand perception, location feasibility studies, market analysis and more. Our flexible model of research and analysis is tailored to your needs. Our Talent Market Insights allow you to make more informed business decisions around your future recruitment strategy. 

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Market Mapping.

We provide analysis into employment status, location, sentiment, and skill sets of potential hires. Our high-quality service offers insights into talent gaps, employer brand and customer segments of competitors to give you a complete picture of the talent market. As a result, we can support you globally if you don't have the internal resources or tools to conduct market research yourself.

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We deliver your shortlist of talent within 21 working days, with a minimum of four qualified, available and passionate people who are ready to change the world. Our research phase includes desk research, utilising our global network, competitor analysis, using social profiles and recommendations. We speak directly to the potential hires, scoring the talent on their competencies before delivering you the shortlist.

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Search & Placement.

We pride ourselves on our 98% success rate and 93% retention rate, five times the industry average. Our Search and Placement process supports finding the typically hard to reach people within the niche areas of Agriculture. You can interact with the real-time data through our client portal, from the talent map to the final shortlist.

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Chaseman Global’s DE&I Initiative.

Together with global agricultural businesses and climate industries, we are fighting unconscious biases. DE&I is at the heart of what we do, championing equality by diversifying our interview processes, advertisements and the way in which we approach our search.

When it comes to diversity, equity and inclusion, our industry has seen a considerable shift in momentum. Diverse teams are proven to be more effective in increasing creativity, innovation, and profitability. As older corporations race to catch up, precedent from newer tech start-ups with better DE&I practices has led to a change in attitude, leading to increased employee engagement and retention. Ultimately, team members who feel part of an accepted and inclusive environment perform better.

At Chaseman Global, we always aim to include diverse talents capable of adding value to the position. From here, we use consistent interviewing techniques that truly uncover the talent of individuals. 

Chaseman Global is committed to including diverse talent in every aspect of our work.

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